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Welcome! My research agenda focuses on using field experiments to learn what social policies work, what do not, and why. Most of my work is in developing countries and typically examines microfinance programs for the poor. Other research covers fundraising, voting, education and behavioral economics.

New Book:

More Than Good Intentions
co-authored with Jacob Appel

Book cover of More Than Good Intentions


I'm leading or involved with the following research initiatives:

Microsavings and Payments
Small and Medium Enterprise
Targeting the Ultra Poor, a Social Safety Net Program for the Ultra
US Household Finance

Much of my research is coordinated through
Innovations for Poverty Action
and the
M.I.T. Jameel Poverty Action Lab.

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Please feel free to contact me at the following address & phone number:

Dean S. Karlan
Professor of Economics
Yale University

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27 Hillhouse Avenue, Room 23

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On leave 2011-2012

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Yale University
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New Haven, CT 06520-8269
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